Week 5: Mock Interview & Developing project logistics.

I have spent time this week focusing on the development of an events programme for the Summer Pavilion based in Christchurch. Understanding the spaces and needs for the proposal. Exhibition spaces will include displays and narratives based on the historical importance of Christchurch and the Norman House site.

Themes include the History of the town, including traditions and native trades and industries. Showing how the town developed through the eras, including sub-themes on transport, tourism. Along with smuggling, boat-building and the manufacture of frieze cloth and Fusee chains.

The development of these temporary exhibition spaces will allow access to the knowledge and content relating to the history of the town to visitors and local residents.

Running alongside these display areas will be various workshops and classes, allowing visitors to take part in hands-on learning activities to further understand the historical importance of the town and site. These events and activities will be related to the past traditions, trades and crafts of the town.

Including, historical cooking alongside demonstrations and medieval food stalls which allow customers to taste forgotten recipes and historical favourites. For example, in the middle ages, ale was the most favoured drink in Christchurch, as water was often unsafe, even when the town had only a few occupants, an Ale-taster was one of the most important jobs.

Professional Studies:

I have also spent a few days touching up my website design and layout on Adobe Muse, on Thursday I had a mock interview for an interior architect job position. Set up  by university, it allowed me to experience some questions that may be asked during a design interview, along with the chance to talk through my online portfolio.

The feedback I received from this was positive, the interviewer explained that she was pleased I included conceptual development and diagrams within my portfolio pages to show the design process for varied projects. Some pointers included the addition of more sketches to communicate this process, along with captioning of the images. (Which I attempted in the few days of finalizing my website, however Muse has a tendency to move text around the page, so I will be working on this issue.) Overall I found this activity very helpful as I was able to practice and understand what a real interview would be like.


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