Week 4: Concept Development (Models)

I have worked on developing my concept designs for the Summer Pavilion this week, including the creation of some simple concept models to assist with visualising ideas. These include the use of a 1:100 scale model of the ruins (Norman House), I used this model to slot in walkways and balconies to understand how to use the openings to the highest potential.

I want to create new perspectives within the proposal, allowing visitors to experience the site like never before. Through platforms, walkways and towers the design will feed through and around Norman House, so visitors can get closer to the monument and its features, like the rare Norman chimney.

Other concept models I focused on this week, include initial ideas for the form of the stage and backdrop. I used scrunchedIMG_2680 paper to create these models, reflecting the rough edges and textures of the broken stone. The form of the stage will be a dome or half a sphere to reflect the sound and ensure acoustics are projected into the crowd.

I will further develop the ideas surrounding the stage and auditorium through further contextual and background research on acoustics, noise control and lighting.  The theatre space will offer an educative experience in the form of entertainment, with many events catering for a wide audience. Running from day into the night the stage will be a key aspect of the proposal, providing unique, historical re-enactments, talks and plays, to spread the word about the historical value of Christchurch.

A previous project, ‘Contemporary Environments’ allowed me to create a theatre space which spans over three levels, within this design I included architectural features, like ceiling reflectors to ensure audibility and provide a strong acoustic setting for a range of performances and events. This background knowledge will assist me when designing the open-air, semi-sheltered theatre for the Summer Pavilion.


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