Week 2: Dissertation Hand-in, Detailed brief development.

On Monday I handed in my final Dissertation! I felt so relieved to finish the paper and hand it in. I’m also proud that I did not need to stay up all night to complete it, which proves to myself that when I plan my time properly, I can follow through with it.

I wanted to give myself a day off on Tuesday, but then Russell hit us with a presentation for Thursday, (Which wasn’t in the brief!)  So I jumped back onto the computer to compile a Professional Studies presentation. Luckily, I had worked on my website design through reading week so I could include that, but I didn’t have an up to date CV which linked to my website colour scheme so I spent Wednesday creating this and my presentation.

I passed my driving test on Wednesday too, (Yay, no more trains and buses to uni!) Everything was up in the air and it was difficult to concentrate on work, however, the presentation went well and Russell was impressed with my website design. Feedback included tweaking my business card and the recommendation of including live projects on my CV to make up for the lack of design experience.

I spent all weekend working on the Detailed Brief for Monday, creating bubble diagrams, adjacency matrix and an accommodation schedule. I tried to include everything I had been working on, without going over the 5 minute time limit for presentations.



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