Week 1: (After Christmas) Outline Brief Presentation.

Outline Brief Presentation:

My outline brief consisted of a simple introduction to the site and an explanation of the historical importance of Norman House. I spoke about the demographics of Christchurch, explaining that there is a higher proportion of older people within the town – almost double the national average. Because of this, I want to use the Summer Pavilion to bring in younger audiences, whilst also providing something to attract the current residents. This could be achieved with a programme of events which vary throughout, to provide something for everyone.


The Summer Pavilion will include a range of spaces, from Exhibitions – to promote and communicate the history of the town and of the site. These exhibitions will run from the Feasibility project, using interactive, engaging elements to assist with learning experiences for a wide audience. Workshops and classes will be available so visitors can have hands-on learning experiences, relating to historical traditions, trades and crafts. – This idea is inspired by St. Faith’s Fayre, which ran for a number of years in Christchurch, allowing visitors to re-enact historical traditions of the town.


summer pavilion outline brief.PNG
Screenshot taken from the Outline Brief presentation, showing the initial ideas for spaces within the Christchurch Summer Pavilion


Other spaces include theatre and performance areas, which will allow for historical plays, talks and other events. Retail stalls will also be included, providing arts & crafts along with historical food and drink stalls. Social spaces and reflection points will bring all these areas together.

Main aims for the project are to promote the historical importance and facilities within Christchurch, through providing social events and varied activities for a wide audience. Some constraints, include the temporary nature of the event, which means low-cost materials should be used, and the impact of the new structure on the site must be minimal.


aims and constraints outline brief.PNG
Aims of the project & Constraints to consider for the design of the Summer Pavilion within Norman House ruins.


I discussed previous projects which would assist with the design of this one, for example, I have designed a theatre and performance space alongside exhibition areas within the Contemporary Environments unit, where I designed a satellite building to showcase the university courses and talent. I have also designed community centre spaces, with restaurants and cafes, mainly for the homeless population (Place Production unit & Design for Disaster.) I have worked with many listed buildings throughout these university projects, so I feel this background will assist with the design of my Final Major Project

I created a site analysis diagram to show the sun path, wind direction and routes around the site in a visual way. I will plan the spaces around this information to ensure they are laid out to the best potentials of the site.


Site Analysis diagram for the Christchurch Castle & Norman House site. To assist with the development of the Summer Pavilion design.



I also included a section site drawing to show the shape and form along with how the wind will flow through the spaces.

A GIF created on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop showing the form of the site and the direction of prevailing winds.


Feedback from the Outline brief presentation was good, it was mentioned that I should now focus in on my ideas, ensuring that I know exactly what I want to achieve and what spaces would be appropriate. Michael mentioned that I should consider the bigger picture of the site and develop a strategy using other surrounding landmarks to create a larger event within the town. I should also consider how I will attract this varied audience and how my design project can raise the profile of Christchurch.

The next steps for me are to focus on spatial planning within the site and the creation of an accommodation schedule and adjacency matrix for the detailed brief development.


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