Week 4: Concept Development (Models)

I have worked on developing my concept designs for the Summer Pavilion this week, including the creation of some simple concept models to assist with visualising ideas. These include the use of a 1:100 scale model of the ruins (Norman House), I used this model to slot in walkways and balconies to understand how to… Continue reading Week 4: Concept Development (Models)


Week 3: Detailed Brief Presentation

I presented my detailed brief on Monday which included some information from the Outline Brief presentation, to recap my design ideas and contextual research. I showed my adjacency bubble diagrams to explain the spaces and my accommodation schedule showed the initial ideas for the requirements of these spaces in detail.     The historical food… Continue reading Week 3: Detailed Brief Presentation

Week 1: (After Christmas) Outline Brief Presentation.

Outline Brief Presentation: My outline brief consisted of a simple introduction to the site and an explanation of the historical importance of Norman House. I spoke about the demographics of Christchurch, explaining that there is a higher proportion of older people within the town โ€“ almost double the national average. Because of this, I want… Continue reading Week 1: (After Christmas) Outline Brief Presentation.

Christmas Break: Finishing Dissertation & Christchurch Site Visit

Over Christmas I worked mainly on my dissertation to ensure it was complete for the deadline at the start of January, I found it difficult to spend a whole day writing and reading the essay, so I would spend a few hours and when I couldn't work on it anymore I would return to the… Continue reading Christmas Break: Finishing Dissertation & Christchurch Site Visit