Week 12: Tutorials & Dissertation Development

The last week before Christmas holidays, a group tutorial with Michael allowed me to ask any questions about the new brief for Final Major Project: the Christchurch Summer Pavilion. Understanding what is required and how the brief could be pushed to suit what I want to create. We planned a site visit for within the new year where we will measure the building ready to create as existing drawings and digital models to design with.

This week, I focused on developing my initial research on Christchurch, the history of the town and the layout of the site. Researching the historical value of the medieval castle was really interesting and I have been considering how I can apply the research into my concept development.

On Thursday I had a Dissertation development tutorial with Russell, the essay will be handed in straight after Christmas break so this gave me a chance to ensure I was on the right track and I was able to ask any last minute questions about my writing. Russell mentioned that I might be trying to look at too much information for such a short essay, so the next couple of weeks will be spent really refining my ideas and cutting down irrelevant information within my essay.



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