Week 10: Logo & Website Development


 This week, I spent time reading up on varied sources to inform my writing for Dissertation, however, I also used a few days to take a break from reading and writing and put my mind to designing a final website for my work, as this was yet to be developed to the high standard I wanted and is a necessity for the Professional Studies unit.

Back in ‘Presentation & Representation’ a project completed in second year, I was required to create a simple website for my work. However, when re-visiting this site, I knew it did not show my full capabilities and didn’t showcase my work as I wanted it too.

I spent time watching a tutorial on Lynda which allowed me to create a responsive website using specific breakpoints for viewing on varied devices. I developed a logo using Adobe Illustrator for use on my webpage and other parts of my brand identity package.

I designed various logos using my first and middle name which I would like to use to market myself.

I refined these to a logo using my initials as this is more understated than my name, the final logo is shown below. I also spent a while creating a colour scheme, using Adobe Colour to find a complementary scheme which could be put into place over the course of my brand identity package. (CV, Business cards, Website, Portfolio.)

branding colour scheme developmemt


Below are some screenshots of my updated website pages:

My website does need further development, however I feel it is much more professional looking that my previous design and showcases my work better. Things to work on include, some placement of text on varied breakpoints. (Working with breakpoints is a difficult task and part of the design I found challenging.

My finalised website includes a home page with a small ‘hello’ space, introducing myself. It then uses tiles of some of my projects, with a rollover state when using a mouse to view the webpage. These tiles lead to varied projects with photos, visuals, drawings and further information to show my work. I also included a contact page, with a link to my CV (still to be developed further). Along with social media buttons leading to other areas of web presence. Including, Instagram, Behance, Pinterest and Linked In.

If you would like to view my online portfolio, please click here! or visit www.limmarakimberley.co.uk


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