Week 9: Workshop with Darc. Studio

This week, I attended a workshop with Troy from Darc. Studio based in Boscombe. The studio focuses on creating evocative imagery for interior and exterior architectural projects, Troy showed us some pieces of work created by his colleagues, many visualisations and renders showing varied moods and emotions through the use of light, composition and colour.

After a short talk/lecture, Troy spent some time with us individually, he was very helpful in providing tips and techniques for how I could enhance specific renderings and visuals to best show the emotion and atmosphere my designs are trying to portray. He gave some simple tips on how to paint light and shadows in Adobe Photoshop, along with some suggestions on placement of people within my renders.

After the workshop, I was left feeling inspired and realised that working with visualisations is a job I can aspire to! The creation of visuals and renders has been a main point within my design projects and are aspects which I enjoy working on, as aside from floorplans and other technical drawings, visuals play the key part in communicating my design ideas to the client and other people, an instant method of providing understanding for my proposals.



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