Week 8: Feasibility project submission!

Week eight marks the final week for the Feasibility for Final Major project, meaning the last few days were spend finalizing drawings and diagrams and ensuring my design report included all necessary stages of work so that someone who did not have any idea about my project could still understand it.

I personally am satisfied with the design and layout of my report, however I feel I could have put more detail into my overall designs for the museum exhibitions.

On the other hand, this was an eight week project and I worked hard to include most of my design concepts and ideas, I believe if I was given longer to work on this, my proposal would have been more in depth. Overall, I believe my design is feasible and would work within the Priest’s House Museum to enhance their exhibition program and modernize the displays used, whilst engaging a wide range of audiences with interactive elements.

I also believe my visualizations and renderings are helpful in understanding the design and show my ideas well, however before using any within my portfolio I will spend more time ensuring the configuration, placement of objects and lighting is giving the aesthetic and mood that I intended.

To successfully communicate my design ideas I submitted the following for this project:

  • An 80 page design report (A3), digitally submitted. Including all RIBA work stages, concept development, spatial planning, contextual research, technical drawings, visualisations etc.
  • Along with a proposed Revit model, showing the layout and features of my design ideas.
  • An A1 material and sample board, showing paint swatches, flooring and renders showing how these surface materials could be implemented.

Below are some final visualisations for my proposal of the updated Priest’s House Museum displays, taken from my design report.

visual snapshot
Design Report page: Visualisation for the Growing Up Gallery within Priest’s House Museum.
coming together snapshot
Design Report page: Visualisation for the Community in Wartime display within Priest’s House Museum.
making a living snapshot
Design Report page: Visualisation for the Working the Land within Priest’s House Museum.


A draft version of my Dissertation was also submitted on the same day. As the Feasibility project was a final hand-in, I ensured focus was mainly on this, as my dissertation can be changed before final hand-in. However, I still managed to submit 3500 words of content to my tutor, although I am aware the essay needs much revision, I was happy with the amount of work I achieved.



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