Week 5: Feasibility Interim Presentation & Dissertation development

Interim presentation:

What have I researched?

  • My research has continued from themes within the Contemporary Environments project, I have looked further into the planning and design of exhibition and museum spaces.  Ensuring I am aware of the core principles of creating an authentic educational experience.
  • interim screen shot
    Interim Presentation: Research and concept development for exhibit displays

    interim screen shot1
    Interim Presentation: Spatial planning, orientation and visitor routes.

What have I done so far?

  • So far, I’ve mapped the spaces and circulation within them starting off using bubble diagrams and then condensing it to the floor plan, allowing me to visualize the connections between each theme.
  • I have been using 3D drawings to show how the space could be laid out using colour codes for each sub-theme within the exhibition. – this one focuses on the Growing up gallery.
  • Using my research and inspiration I have started to draw some initial concepts for different forms of display that could be beneficial in engaging visitors with the themes and objects.
  • Ideas include: Using pull-out draws to house categorized artefacts, creating a discovery activity but also ensuring sensitive objects are stored away from light.

Next steps..

  • Feedback from my Interim presentation explained that I effectively mapped and identified the aspects that I want to achieve and bring to the Wimborne Museum. 
  • I now need to further analyse my precedents, to see how I can integrate and apply my ideas into the museum, being critical about what would and would not work. Considering the artefacts suggested by the client for each theme. 
  • I am identifying the story that I want to be told and currently working out how to integrate these elements, whilst bringing out the character of the original building. 


Dissertation question development:

The changing museum concept: How contemporary display methods and technology can enrich the hands-on learning environment and educational exhibition space.

Dissertation structure:

    • The changing museum concept
      • Focused on the transition from traditional museums where their principal method of display is based on observation of artefacts and objects. To the hands-on museums, where varied learning styles are catered for, these environments are focused on the interpretation of the message of the exhibition/museum space rather than on solely the objects themselves.
      • Then looking at the influences of this change within educational museum spaces, which includes the surge in technology along with the complex leisure market, forcing museums to take commercial approaches. Also influenced by visitor satisfaction, that in this day and age many people expect some kind of digital technology or interactive when they visit museum spaces.
      • Looking at what is distinctive about the learning environment within museums and how contemporary technology and display methods enhance this experience.
      • Moving on to the effects of these new elements on the spatial environment, asking how they can enhance the physical layout and orientation for visitors.
      • My main argument will be that these contemporary display methods and technological aspects are necessary in creating the authentic educational experience that is desired by the visitors.


Dissertation tutorial:

  • My tutor stated that my ideas seemed competent and I could develop this further by looking more in-depth at certain elements rather than trying to cover so much in a short essay. We decided I could cut down on the content when talking about the history of museum spaces and display technique so not to eat into my word count. Moving forward I will look at more interior, spatial exhibition design related research to back my ideas of how contemporary display methods enriching educational exhibitions.


  • Nearly finished existing digital model on Revit. – Focusing on the upstairs area but feel as though I had to build the basics of the downstairs space too, to get a feel for the circulation and visitor routes, understanding how the spaces link.

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