Week 4: Spatial planning for Priest’s House Museum & Dissertation ideas.

To assist with the museum’s appeal for the Heritage Lottery Funding Bid, I have decided to create detailed design ideas relating to the new proposed exhibition & Gallery spaces situated on the first floor, for my Feasibility project.

  • Although my detailed area is situated on the first floor, I will still consider the visitor route and circulation of the whole building, understanding how they will move through the exhibitions which will affect the interpretation of the narratives in place.
  • I have been creating bubble diagrams & understanding the current circulation and visitor route through the spaces, considering how this can be improved within the proposal. Asking:
    • How tightly controlled should the path be?
    • What is the traffic flow of visitors like? – rushed, own pace?
    • Is there a free-flowing route around the space?

Taking into consideration the interpretation plan and the talk with the Collections Officer from when I visited the Priest’s House Museum, I mapped out the proposed spaces remembering the new route that was explaining would be for visitors, using the proposed lift and stairs as the main circulation point through the two floors.


Further considerations for the development of my dissertation include, focusing on Contemporary display techniques:

  • Asking how can these new methods can enhance the interpretation and engagement for visitors within educational exhibitions?
  • Looking at: the surge of digital elements within museums over the recent years.

Asking how the uncovered methods of contemporary display can assist the visitor with interpreting the exhibits and underlying message.

  • Within a tutorial I realised the issue is how can I measure ‘visitor engagement and interpretation?’ – is it too psychological?
  • I took a step back and asked myself what exactly do I want to create for my final major project and how can writing a dissertation inform this? 
    • Considerations: I originally considered designing a retail store, however I felt that I creating an Exhibition/museum space or an informal educational/learning space, would challenge my ideas, design concepts and research further. When speaking to my tutor I also realized that many, if not all aspects of designing an exhibition or museum space and narrative can be transferred to the realm of designing retail stores.
    • I considered the design of a Learning Centre for my Final Major Project, focused on the local community, the spaces will include interactive and engaging elements to create an entertaining, informal education space. With both temporary and permanent exhibitions.
    • I imagined this space in my home town – Southampton. Situated in one of the parks within town the complex would include community aspects, to encourage socializing and bring people closer together, this may be in the form of:
    • A café, bar, restaurant,
    • A children’s areas,
    • A ‘chatterbox’ space,
    • A performance space – to showcase local talent,
    • A shopping/market space – local food (street food)

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