Week 2: Priest’s House Museum site visit & initial research

Site visit: The Priest’s House Museum & Gardens

  • The museum occupies quirky but tired spaces, in need of a fresh overview when it comes to displaying their complex collection of artefacts.
  • Over the past 50 years, the museum has added many interesting and historically important objects to its collection, however throughout this time the spaces have never been stripped back, refreshed and planned properly. Therefore the themes and objects are still relevant and of educational benefit but  the aesthetics of the spatial environment are dated.


  • This week, another unit was launched, ‘Professional Studies’. Which allows me to focus on my future as a designer, thinking about how I will present myself and my work to the best potentials.


  • I have been considering the start of my Dissertation research, focus and what the essay structure, title and abstract might be. Thinking about how I can apply research and critical thinking to assist with my Final Major design project.


  • Priest’s House Museum Research:
    • I analysed the documents provided by the client, including the ‘Interpretation Plan’ and ‘Activity Plan’. Which clearly lay out the fundamentals of the project and what the client is looking to improve/change within the new proposal. I will create a holistic design concept for use within the museum to best show their social history collections to the highest potentials.


  • Research I have been undertaking this week include:
    • The process of layering information within exhibitions, to allow further audiences to interpret the content and message of the exhibit.
    • Varied forms of display methods and techniques which could be applied to the Priest’s House Museum spaces.
    • General considerations for designing exhibition spaces, for example, spatial layouts and how they affect visitor orientation and movement. (Phillip Hughes, Exhibition Design. 2010)
    • Along with methods of incorporating media and technology to enhance the learning experience.
    • I will continue with this research, diving deeper into aspects which will assist with informing my design process and concepts. Aspects of this research can also be a starting point for the ideology behind my Dissertation writing.
  • Alongside all of this, I have been considering initial ideas and concepts which could be developed, relating to the new themes and existing exhibition spaces within the museum.

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