Week 1: Feasibility for Final Major Project launch!

This week, the Feasibility for Final Major Project unit was launched. 

  • I have been undertaking initial research on the Priest’s House Museum & Surrounding area for my Feasibility studies. 
    • The Priest’s House is situated on the small high street within Wimborne Minster, they have strong hopes to develop and expand their educational and community engagement. Undergoing improvements for the HLF (Heritage Lottery Funding) bid. 
    • They hold a growing social history collection, strongly representing the lives of the people within local areas in East Dorset. 

I have also been thinking about my dissertation and final major project, considering what I want to focus on and how I can best show my strengths & challenge my weaknesses. 

  • I’ve been looking into general exhibition/museum research which leads from a previous project where I created a satellite complex for my university, AUB. (Click to view this project on my website.)
  • I’ve had a brief look at the Priest’s House, their website, and online images. Wondering what to expect from the Site Visit. Looking over documents provided by the client, including the ‘Revival project’ and ‘Consultation questionnaire’, which lays out the current artefacts on display within the museum, and discusses key themes and sub-themes which will be useful when designing the new exhibitions. The themes include, the History of Wimborne & the Priest’s House.

Study Group Presentations:  

This presentation allowed me to reflect on my previous work and areas which I will focus on improving within this unit. 

  • Areas of interest: 
    • Commercial Design: Retail & Community areas. Interior Branding & marketing. 
    • Exhibition design, 
    • Sustainable & user-oriented design. 
    • Working with listed buildings. 
  • Previous projects have focused on serious issues like homelessness. 
  • I have looked into creating healing spaces that  attempt to aid the users of the space with self-development and awareness. 
    • An essay I completed for the unit Making Places, looked into Psychological & Social space, analysing methods of designing happy, healthy spaces and discussing whether it is possible to design a building that could heal occupants with lifestyle disease (The effects of living in unsafe environments for a long period of time.) 


  • Strengths & Weaknesses: 
    • I enjoy spatial planning and designing the circulation and way-finding methods for proposals. 
  • I believe model-making is one of my strong aspects and something I enjoy. I have always been good with my hands, and feel that when a model comes together it can be the most exciting part of a project. 

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