Design Development

Design progress…

After completing market research at the Dolphin Centre and analysing the feedback I realised users wanted a kiosk that was different and unique. As many people now go shopping for the experience as much can be done online, I wanted to take the sensory experience LUSH already provide on their website and in store to a whole new level.

My designs developed from a small LUSH cart, to a kiosk where a LUSH chef would be present, cooking up the favourite products providing ultimate fresh cosmetics. I then took this further and designed a space where customers could make their own bath bomb, face mask or bubblebar, by hand with help from LUSH experts.

My design started off a simple box with worktops to make-your-own I considered organic shapes, from typical leaf forms to beams creating reed inspired walls. I progressed further to structures shaped like circular swirls found in the water of a fizzing bath bomb.

I want to keep the brand recognition LUSH have created with it’s customers, I will adopt the same interior style with the chalkboard writing on the walls, the natural stone flooring and the oak furniture.

I considered a TV wall on the exterior of the kiosk showing moving images of Bath bombs and psychedelic patterns in water, as shown on their website. As well as showing new products and reminding people of LUSH ethics.

However as the company feel strongly about environmental impact when creating and transporting products etc. I decided against the TV wall and opted for a zero energy using alternative. The wall customers will see when walking from one side of the shopping centre will be covered in tiles showing images from social media accounts like LUSH SPA etc. Examples are shown in my sketchbook.

I have decided materials and finalised my design so the next stage is to realize my idea with digital and physical models.


I will attach images from sketchbook soon.




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