Precedent Studies

Retail Interior Specialist: INK


Lecture notes from Ink Associates “Experts in Retail Design”

Simon Wyatt-Budd Director of Ink was kind enough to come and speak to us and show us the work himself and his studio do. This consisted of high profile clients ranging from Adidas to Dior. This lecture was particularly helpful as we are currently designing pop-up kiosks and retail spaces. He went through four different projects showing us technical drawings and details and explaining the content and work gone into the designs.

The most suited to our project was the Unilever T2 pop-up tea store in Hyde Park(he also showed us their retail space in Regent Street, London.) Projects like this have to create a visual impact, quickly as they are only there for a few days, in this case just two. The materials used were disposable, they were visually like the durable ones used in the permanent store but didn’t need to last. The pop-up store was designed and built by INK within two days! The store needed to get the message across instantly and I believe it does that very well and copies the permanent shop layout and theme keeping the brand recognition.

He also spoke about a high profile client, Dior. The design was for a large store in Dusseldorf, Germany stocking men’s and women’s clothing. The design had to follow a strong concept and brand image using expensive materials, exclusive design and reflecting the brands theme throughout. Design features include the simple but detailed staircase, designed bespoke for Dior by INK, along with bespoke hand rail, coffee table, signature floor and wall patterns and a complicated plexi-glass façade with 60 integrated TV screens hidden in the walls behind moulds. A lot of design detail goes into something like this as the screens need to be accessible to fix and maintain.

Photo from Ink Associates PDFinkassociatesDIOR

I have been considering a simple integrated TV wall in my LUSH kiosk design, so I will find the presentation shown in class and review the technical detail drawings that were shown.




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