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The Power of Branding: (Lecture notes)

A brand is an attempt to connect, generate, influence and control the users association with the company. It is a way of highlighting what makes your companies offers different to and more desirable than competitors.

Branding is important because it promotes recognition and helps set companies apart from the crowd, consistent brands are easy to recognise and people will feel more at ease when buying products. A strong brand generates referrals, people will talk about brands they love. However people cannot talk about a brand they can’t remember.

A strong brand also helps customers know what to expect and will help connect with customers emotionally –  they feel good when they buy branded products.

Businesses need a brand to:

  • Create a difference
  • Add value
  • Connect with people

Colours are the visual components in brands, from logos to interior décor and packaging, colours they have chosen have meanings related to the brand and products.

You can define a brand by its Physique (logo), its relationship with customers, the brands reflection (what is the brand trying to offer, a lifestyle maybe?) Personality, who are they targeting? And their self image, how do they portray themselves?


I chose to define the brand DNA for LUSH as they are my chosen client for my kiosk design. LUSH take pride in their ethics and values, promising 100% vegetarian, hand-made products, they use this as a POD (point-of-difference) in the cosmetic market which sets them aside from other brands. Customers trust the brand and their unique, organic, cosmetic products. This strong brand image means they have created a loyal customer base, mainly aimed towards working women who are aged 18-44, people who desire an organic lifestyle or want quality cosmetics whilst supporting an ethical company. 

Their physique is all about their products and their plain, natural ingredients which its maybe why they chose to redefine their logo to just black and white instead of the old green and yellow. They have chosen a colour scheme much more defined and simple, they’re not trying to catch the customers eye with anything but their products and this is showing they have nothing to hide and are an ethical company.


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