Chosen Brand & Site

Chosen Brand & Site:

After researching three very different brands at the start of the project (in sketchbook) and visiting all three sites I have had time to plan and think about which brand would sell well in which site.

The rise in users of social media past ten years is frankly insane, and business ways of bringing customers to the store. Consumers can buy everything they need from the comfort of their own homes, so why is town still thriving on a Saturday? People go shopping for the experience, customers like using their senses when they shop for example, when clothes shopping touching the garments tells you a lot about the quality of the material, and you’re able to try it on before you buy to make sure it’s perfect.

Chosen Brand:

The brand I have chosen to create a kiosk/stall for is LUSH Cosmetics, their stores are solely about LUSH values and products and are an experience for all even if you don’t go inside! The natural scent engages people walking by, and you’re captured by this intoxicating aroma and taken to cosmetic wonderland with visually pleasing, freely stacked, bright coloured soaps and bath bombs of all shapes and sizes.

The reason why I have chosen LUSH is due to their innovative way of selling their products, whether its online or in store both are sensory experiences in their own way. Their environmental promises and trusted values of 100% vegetarian, fresh hand made cosmetics as well as the way they have adapted to the storm of the internet and social media.


LUSH opened its first store in Poole High Street in 1994 and they now have 850 shops in 51 countries they’re all unique to their location however still adapt the same basic layout and theme. The stores are designed to wake up customers senses with 85% of their products using ‘naked packaging.’ The staff invite customers to test products before they buy  as well as giving help and advice with any products or skin care enquiries.

Values & Competitors:

The hype of social media has meant many are realising the brands they use and trust still test on animals, many are trying to find an alternative. LUSH competitor BodyShop, went against their morals in 2006 buy selling most of their company to L’Oréal, known for still testing ingredients on animals. This angered founder of Mark Constantine whose first partner was BodyShop in the 70s and he made sure LUSH  stayed independent and kept their promises. They use their values as a POD (point-of-difference) in the cosmetic market, targeting consumers desiring organic beauty products whilst backing an ethical company.


In 2014 they launched a new website along with LUSH Times (a consumer magazine) and LUSH Kitchen, (a part of their e-commerce website where they sell small batches of limited edition products.) The website is easy to navigate and clearly laid out, products have relaxed names like “You’ve been mangoed” bath oil. When you click a product you get a well written description with puns and jokes throughout showing the chilled relationship LUSH has with its customers. It shows all included ingredients, you can click each one and find out all about them, their benefits and other products they are in. With each product is a GIF showing the product being used – Fizzing bath bombs, coloured bath water etc. This is a new, sensory way of creating a desire for the customer to want to use the product, and it really does work.

 Chosen Site:

I chose the main shopping centre in Poole: The Dolphin Centre as my site, not only due to their designated spaces for kiosks but also because LUSH HQ and their first ever store is based in Poole, this means it would be easy to transport products and goods from their main factory. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to design, however I needed to see what the users of the site required and if my chosen brand would sell there. I conducted face-to-face market research in the form of two questionnaires, one to see what the customers of The Dolphin Centre desired, and another short one to see if LUSH would sell to this demographic. I asked 20 participants and the questions, results and analysis are in my sketchbook.






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