Site Analysis

Pier Approach, Bournemouth

The approach to the pier is the heart of Bournemouth beach and has changed drastically over time. The first pier was a short wooden jetty, built in 1856, this has of course been replaced and rebuilt many times, the pier approach has changed too, the Public Baths were completed in 1864 and were very popular in 1937 they expanded the building to cater for the  usersthe building was demolished in 1986. The IMAX complex was built in 1998 but ended up being voted the 2nd ugliest building in Britain resulting in it being demolished after four years.

The pier approach has recently been developed with many facilities being added for practicality and to create an atmosphere, for example the new information points are designed to look like whale fins. Lighting and waterplay features have also been added in attempt to encourage tourists to spend more time on the approach.

There are few small shops around the pier approach including souvenir and beach shops, a coffee shop etc. Restaurant/Bars include Aruba, Harry Ramsdens and Westbeach. There is also a large amusements park to enjoy.

There is lots of potential spaces for a kiosk or stall as shown in photographs from my site visit (taken on a lovely cloudy day.) The pier approach and the beach are thriving on a summers day however I feel the approach has the potential to be much more popular than it is in all seasons currently. Even though it has been recently developed I feel it is still missing something…

All photos taken with my Canon DSRL (on a lovely cloudy day in Bournemouth)



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